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Welcome to AncientScripts Journal

Hello there! This is my blog/journal, so there is a mixture of personal rants, weird science, and random posts about ancient writing systems. To see all posts related to ancient scripts, click on this link.

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WTF am I doing here?

So I decided to check back on LJ, for no apparent reason other than to procrastinate. Yes, Silicon Valley startups have things called homework, which I'm not wont of doing.

My paid LJ account has long expired, so I got a bazillion ads. Holy crap! In fact it's even more sad because I'm seeing ads for advertising companies and the ad industry, instead of ads for real products. LJ is so cheap that no respectable brands want to put their ads on it. Like Nordstrom's ain't gonna put an ad on your local community's newspaper. Also quite funny is that at this moment on the right side of the page is a video ad from a friend's startup that's sort of a video ad company. And to make it even more sad? I work in the advertising business now. It feels so incestuous and self-referential.

Ancient Scripts the website is still alive. Most of the online content are going through Blogspot, Facebook, and Twitter now.

I gotta go back down the rabbit hole now.

New Blog

I created a new Ancient Scripts blog post about the graphical construction and evolution of my Chinese family name:

What's in a name?

Ancient Scripts updates

I've updated Ancient Scripts with a slightly new design, a new homepage with feeds from various social media, and a new page on Chinese:


I have decided to move blog related to Ancient Scripts to Blogger because it has a JSON feed that I can plug into the home page. I have a new blog post up about the adventures of the Rabbit Scribe (who is my default icon) here at:


I'm still going to be here sporadically, and I'll still cross-post whenever I have new updates on Blogger, Twitter, or Facebook.

Happy New Year!

It's time to welcome in 2010 and a whole new decade! 2009 was a crazy year in so many ways. Let's hope the next year will be a wonderful one. Maybe I'll even find more time to work on Ancient Scripts and get back on LJ. Maybe even work out and eat better.

Tip for new year: Don't write 2009 on your check!

Merry Christmas Y'all

I got my ceramic owl icon out because I'm spending Christmas in beautiful Santa Fe. Actually I'm in a big casino north of Santa Fe in the Pojoaque Indian Reservation, but my hotel is not attached so I actually haven't set foot in the casino yet. But Christine is quite happy that she gotta go play roulette while I cooked dinner and tickled Alex (yes I have a stove and a fridge).

It snowed here and it was lovely. Usually it's a reddish desert here so if you add white snow you can imagine the striking colors. I love the architecture around here too. They followed the reddish brown colors of the earth and everything just turns this warm tone in the afternoon sun. I'll try to get some pictures in the next couple of days.

Alex got to play in snow today. There was a dusting on all the plazas in Santa Fe. He also saw a bunch of trains leaving the Santa Fe railyard so he was really happy. We ate lunch at this restaurant next to the train station that has all sorts of great review but it was kind of disappointing. The hotel food we got last night was actually better, not to mention hot enough to kick some serious ass. Non-spicy food in New Mexico means tourist trap, guaranteed.

We actually have no idea what to do tomorrow. It's Christmas day so probably nothing is opened. Maybe we'll just bum around here. Eventually when things start to open we'll probably hit the road, and drive the Jemez loop to see ruins up at Bandelier National Monument or go to Taos to see the thousand-year old town. Anyway, the best kind of vacation is one without much planning, really. Otherwise, it'd be a chore.

Ahoy There!

Wow, I haven't been in LJ land in a while. Actually I still read friends' posts, but I really don't have much time in posting myself. I always run out of steam and give up.

Today was the last software release of the year for my job, which means I get a bit of a break from my crazy workload. Tomorrow I'm flying out to New Mexico with the missus and my son for a whole week in Santa Fe, including Christmas there. Should be very nice. Can't wait to get my mouth into some sopaipillas and carne adovada.

I got really sick last week. I had a fever of 102.9 which is pretty darn high for an adult. I'm on full antibiotics which is kind of a bummer since I can't eat too crazy or my stomach won't cooperate which is not something you want to happen on a trip.

Time to sleep I suppose, so I can get up early and head out. Although I never seem to be able sleep the night before trips. There's still a little kid in me that's always too excited.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is turkey day. Don't forget to get totally stuffed, hopefully with your family and friends!

Time Travel for a Day

My kitchen appliances are all breaking down. My fridge is currently unplugged because the condenser fan makes a noise like it's going to fly off like Xena's chakram. My dishwasher isn't rinsing off the detergent all that well. And my stove goes short-circuit every time it's cleaned. Ugh!

Wife and I went to the Ardenwood Shakespeare Festival and Renaissance Faire today. Unfortunately there was no Shakespeare performed though. They should drop that name next year. It was a relatively small Ren faire compared to the ginormous one in Hollister, but it felt less crowded and less Disneyfied. It was great to be in costume again. We spent way too much money buying stuff as there were a lot of good quality vendors. I even got a mini-menhir and a very Obelix moment carrying it back to the car (if you don't get this reference, see pictures below).

Pics from Ren FaireCollapse )

In other non-news I made a graphic explaining the Aztec origin and glyph(s) of the word "Xoco" which is colloquial Mexican for "little sister" as well as Rick Bayless's latest restaurant. So I tweeted it to him, and he found it "super cool" and RT'ed it. I got a surge in people following me on Twitter (when the Top Chef Master says something is cool, people pay heed), and hopefully future visitors to Ancient Scripts. Oh, a little marketing never hurt nobody.

Peeking from the rabbit hole

I haven't posted in a long time because life is crazy as it comes. Nothing is really bad, just a lot of little nasty things that make each day a suckfest.

Anyway, today is Alex's first day of kindergarten. A little weepy, but no major tantrum. I actually think tomorrow is going to be the big day because we'll find out if he liked it today or not. *fingers crossed*

Work is unrelenting. I don't even have time to take off for my 10-year wedding anniversary. I have a very nice and understanding wife who tolerate this infraction of mine. But of course I'll have to make it up soon.

Gotta get back to work


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