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Merry Christmas Y'all

I got my ceramic owl icon out because I'm spending Christmas in beautiful Santa Fe. Actually I'm in a big casino north of Santa Fe in the Pojoaque Indian Reservation, but my hotel is not attached so I actually haven't set foot in the casino yet. But Christine is quite happy that she gotta go play roulette while I cooked dinner and tickled Alex (yes I have a stove and a fridge).

It snowed here and it was lovely. Usually it's a reddish desert here so if you add white snow you can imagine the striking colors. I love the architecture around here too. They followed the reddish brown colors of the earth and everything just turns this warm tone in the afternoon sun. I'll try to get some pictures in the next couple of days.

Alex got to play in snow today. There was a dusting on all the plazas in Santa Fe. He also saw a bunch of trains leaving the Santa Fe railyard so he was really happy. We ate lunch at this restaurant next to the train station that has all sorts of great review but it was kind of disappointing. The hotel food we got last night was actually better, not to mention hot enough to kick some serious ass. Non-spicy food in New Mexico means tourist trap, guaranteed.

We actually have no idea what to do tomorrow. It's Christmas day so probably nothing is opened. Maybe we'll just bum around here. Eventually when things start to open we'll probably hit the road, and drive the Jemez loop to see ruins up at Bandelier National Monument or go to Taos to see the thousand-year old town. Anyway, the best kind of vacation is one without much planning, really. Otherwise, it'd be a chore.

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